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Singer Tradition 2250 Compact Sewing

This model is not heavy and is simple to use. Mostly, it is used for making garments, home decor and repairs. It is an ideal machine for beginners. Its main features include, 8 in built patterns, totally computerized, 2 needle positions, 85 watts motor, winding bobbin that is automatic, 10 manual and automatic stitches, indicator for stitch pattern, reverse lever for correct finishing, dual needle capability, zipper insertion, 4-step buttonhole. It weighs 6 kg and comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Singer Talent 3321

It’s suitable for starters and home dressmakers. Its features include top drop-in bobbin for managing operations, auto needle threader, possesses 21 stitch patterns, 4-step buttonhole, power cable, mechanical, weighs 5.9 kg, embroidery options, buttonhole foot, free arm, and a zipper foot. It is ideal for sewing all types of fabrics.


SINGER 4423 comes inclusive of 23 built-in stitches: 6 basic stitches, 4 stretch stitches, 12 decorative stitches and one buttonhole. If you are looking for a powerful replacement for your old model, then this is what you should purchase. It is incredibly sturdy and will allow you to get incredible stitches for all your clothing stores


SINGER 4423 comes with a top drop-in bobbin that is easy to insert and remove. It also comes with an amazingly strong motor that is able to sew up to 1,100 stitches per minute that will allow you to finish your projects ahead of time. SINGER 4423 also has a heavy duty interior metal frame that is durable and long lasting


  • Very user friendly and easy to set up
  • Comes with 1,100 stitches per minute
  • Has a 60 perfect stronger motor
  • Stainless steel frame that is long lasting


  • A bit hard to set up


SINGER 4411 has a sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute that ever aspiring designer needs. One thing we would recommend is that you follow all the instructions labeled in its manual. Singer is well known for producing well constructed model that always deliver.


SINGER 4411 comes with buttonhole foot that allows a user to add more buttonholes. You will also be able to add more buttonholes and slots for ribbons and much more. A buyer also has access to 6 basic stitches, 4 decorative stitches, 1 automatic 4-step buttonhole that will give you exceptional home décor and much more.


  • Durable
  • Comes inclusive of very many incredible features as mentioned above


  • A bit pricey

SINGER 7258 100

Provides users with LED display screen, easy threading screen, 100 stitches with 10 presser feet that is perfect for crafting. You will also have access to an easy-to-load drop in bobbin system that comes with a clear cover. SINGER 7258 100- has an electronic auto pilot that will allows a person to sew without the foot pedal.

SINGER 7258 100- will let you have an adjustable maximum speed. SINGER 7258 100- is designed in United States and it comes highly recommended.


  • Affordable
  • User friendly
  • Comes with a quick set bobbin
  • Wide table


  • Not too easy to set up

SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch

SINGER 9960 has built in 600 stitch mechanism that has 12 fully automatic 1 step buttonholes; and an exclusive buttonhole under plate. SINGER 9960 has a simple needle up/ down button, an extension table that has 19 presser feet, that comes with a full host of accessories included. SINGER 9960 has an automatic needle threader and top-drop-in bobbin system that makes for quick and easy set ups


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Simple to set up


  • Might be tricky for first users